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Automatic Banking Devices

For decades now, UNI-DATA has been closely familiar with the technology of automatic banking devices like automatic teller machines and bank statement printers, more so than practically any other company in the industry. Our expertise extends far beyond mere technical support: we also serve as general contractor for the operational handing over of devices. This includes comprehensive planning, site surveys, coordination with the responsible person on site as well as with all required craftsmen and service providers.

The automatic banking devices get prepared for the deployment in our technology center. The technology of the devices is being adjusted to customer requirements and specifications, just like their outer appearance. Additional parts like purse racks and visibility protection screens are developed, manufactured and attached to the devices by ourselves.

This is how we make sure that each automatic banking devise gets delivered to the respective bank location completely configured and operational, and that it wil by installed there and handed over in perfect working condition.

Our services for Automated Banking Devices:

  • General contractor for handing over devices ready for operation at the branch offices, including organization and coordination of additional service providers
  • Site survey including all location specific conditions and requirements
  • Surface areas, site requirements
  • Dimensions and movement diagrams
  • Opening times, special characteristics
  • Evaluation of location data, consulting and solution proposals
  • Planning, project management and execution of rollouts
  • Pre-installation
  • Delivery to the operation site
  • Commissioning
  • Project management

Automatic Banking Devices

Handling of rollouts


Preparation of devices

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